Confidence in the Lord. Habakkuk 2:3
September 8, 2023, 8:00 AM

“For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

As I read the prophet Habakkuk my mind kept going back to the horrible conflict in Ukraine’s invasion by Russia. I am troubled by Russia’s aggression as well as Ukraine’s corruption. Our church supports a pastor who is doing good work and witness in one of the villages. He has recently been called up by the military for service, but due to his age and some medical issues he may serve as a chaplain ministering to solders and families. I pray for these people.

On the other hand, I have taught pastors in Russia on two different trips in their Bible school. I know of their faith and desire to share the gospel. The people had families killed under Stalin. I’ve been to the woods where they hid to have services and baptisms. What joy to have a breath of freedom and experience the advancement of the gospel.

How do I pray for these friends who may be forced into the Russian military. They do not want to fight. Things have taken a dramatic turn and liberties have once again been curtailed by communistic leadership and Putin.

Is God judging our nations for all the same sins we see listed in this chapter. Our country, community, and schools are sadly affected.

With all the upheaval in our world I am asked if these troubles are the signs of the last days. According to the revealed timetable from the Bible, my answer is yes. The last days are the time from Pentecost until Christ’s return. We are to be ready and working, for His coming at any time.

I am not a prophet. I have no inside information, but I know God provides evil nations for discipline and punishment. That is what is revealed to Habakkuk. I know the Lord brings draught and floods, earthquakes and fire. It is a time for prayers and repentance. I know we will face terrible days ahead. Persecution is happening among believers and it will increase. The church must be bold to proclaim Christ and commit to holy living by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What I need to hear from this chapter is what God revealed. God hasn’t gone anywhere even if He is silent. Face the hard times with strong faith in God. The encouragement for Habakkuk is to be patient. God is at work. His timing is perfect and His promises are sure


We are reminded to live by faith in God’s righteousness and justice. Stand firm.

Secondly, God is sovereign and He knows all things. He knows what He is doing, even if it isn’t on our time table. He is at work even when we don’t see it right away. He knows and will make it right.

I need to hear thirdly; The Lord is supreme in all matters and stands alone when all else falls apart. His glory will one day cover the earth like the waters of the sea. He keeps His word. He will bring Justice. He is in control.

We will see Habakkuk’s conclusion next week in Chapter 3.

Prayer:  Lord God, to the power of your Holy Spirit, help me to live by faith in your righteousness, and to stand firm.