Considerate Witness. - A winsome witness is a Considerate Person- Colossians 4:6
August 19, 2022, 8:00 AM

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”  

When it comes to sharing your faith, it is a combination of life and words. Many overzealous persons can seek to witness by stuffing faith down the throat of another, or have a condemning attitude that keeps people from listening. People need to hear the message of the gospel of Christ, but if they won’t listen, is it because we are inconsiderate.        

Paul went from city to city preaching the mystery of Christ. Some were eager to hear and others were hostile. . Christianity is not coercive.  It does not use the sword, manipulation, or brainwashing. The Crusades have been a black mark for centuries on Christian coercion. A considerate witness does proclaim and persuade and plead and pray. People who are confronted with sin in their lives do not like it. To say you need a savior means changing one’s ways and that thought demands a response. Some folks wish you would keep your opinions to yourself.   

Jesus said, “Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good work and give God the glory.” You and I must seek to be considerate persons so God can use us however He wants in the life of another. I suggest it will be better in the long run to let the Spirit of God use what was said until they are ready for the next step, rather than get into arguments with others.  

I am a firm believer that God has already plowed the field where He wants the seed of faith to grow. If someone is not open to the gospel then don't force it. We are representing the best thing this world has to offer. I believe that. I don't have to use misrepresentation to bring people to Christ. If they are not ready to receive Christ freely, there is no true conversion. You and I must seek to be considerate persons so God can use us however He wants in the life of another. Christ confronted evil. But for seekers his speech showed sin, the need for faith, and demanded a response. Whether a person believed or not was left to them.         

Satan's plan is to keep people confused, apathetic, or blind to truth. Therefore, use any open opportunity that may come to share God's truth. Go as far as they are interested and if they close the conversation, then politely be available to answer questions another time.     

Having conversations seasoned with salt means that it adds flavor, it produces a thirst for more.  Jesus was the master at communicating the message. He gave farming illustrations and talked to a lady about living water when she came to a well. He discussed philosophy and theology with Nicodemus.  He used illustrations about sheep, fish, building, and sweeping a house among the workers of the town.   

Application:  How can you be a winsome witness? You need consistent prayer, a clear presentation, careful procedure, and to be a considerate person. Watch what the Spirit of God will do.  

Prayer: Lord God, I want more than anything to have the wisdom to know how to share the gospel in a way that makes people thirsty for more. I look to You to accomplish this in my life.