Giving. - Ecclesiastes 11:1-10.
April 10, 2023, 8:58 AM

Gaining by Giving

Eccl. 11:1,2

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. Give portions to seven, yes to eight, for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.”(KJV)

In a world that is bombarded with the messages of gaining and getting for yourself, there is a word from God that speaks softly, "Give yourself away." Without the promises of worldly success, there is gain in losing.

Verse 1,2 talk about gaining by being generous. Some think casting your bread on the waters is a parable. In Egypt, farmers cast their seed into the rich foam of the Nile River valley while the land is flooded. Then as the water recedes, the grain springs up in a few months producing a bountiful harvest. Some said it is like putting food in a bottle and throwing it out in the sea. If you get stuck on a desert island a bottle will float and you will eventually benefit. If you help the needy, then you will be helped if you are in need.

You gain by giving. Being generous and helpful to others during times when you have something can be helpful when you will be in need yourself. Keep giving and it will produce results. Sow today what you will reap tomorrow. Some have said it may be more blessed to give than receive, but the average man is always willing to let the other fellow have the blessing.

One does not give indiscriminately. There are crooks and con artists. If you are generous enough you will be taken advantage of. However, that should not make someone stingy. For fear of being a victim of fraud, some people never give to help. I gave a man I did not know some money some time ago who claimed he was robbed and was trying to get gas money to get home. Was he lying? Was he telling the truth? That was up to the Lord. I didn’t give him a lot but neither did I agonize or fret over it. If he was helped, I believe it was of the Lord. If I was taken advantage of then it was his problem, not mine.

Many ask about solicitations in the mail from well-meaning ministries and important causes. I believe you should give your tithe first to the church. I do not give to charitable organizations unless I know Christian groups are members of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. There should be note from ECFA with a little symbol or statement in their literature that they are willing to submit themselves to the rules and practice accepted accounting practices within the guidelines of how much can be spent on administrative expenses, and what percentage is used appropriately.

There were many of the health, wealth and prosperity gospel preachers under investigation for tax fraud. The problem with such news is that people reduce giving to churches and local groups that help people in our communities and over which we have more knowledge of their work. Unfortunately, some people would rather not give to anything than be deceived in their giving.

Giving to the Lord is always the best way to be generous. Being accountable to the members and friends is something you don’t see with TV ministries. Members of a local congregation agree how to give money away. They set up committees and elect or appoint trustworthy persons to handle the contributions.

Are you generous with the Lord? The lesson of generosity is a lesson we must learn to develop patience. For after many days you will find it returns - sometimes in ways you least expect.