Grace Promised. - Luke 1: 54,55.
December 16, 2022, 8:35 AM


Praise for Grace in Promised Ways

Luke 1:54,55

“He has helped his servant Israel, remembering to be merciful to Abraham and his descendants forever, even as he said to our fathers."

The final mention in Mary's carol is the promised ways of grace. It was years ago when He covenanted with Abraham to be his God and to let Abraham's offspring become God’s people. It was special relationship initiated by faith. Abraham’s faith was tested when Isaac was on the mountain and bound to be sacrificed. Part of this test was to make sure Abraham was obedient and faithful to the Lord. God provided a substitute sacrifice and has once again done so, a final blood sacrifice - the son of Mary.

What are the promises to Israel? In Isa. 11:1-3 that the Messiah would come from the family of Jesse, who was the ancestor of both Mary and Joseph. In Micah 5:2 promised He would be born in Bethlehem. In Isa. 7:14 we find a virgin shall conceive and bear a son. Isa. 9:2-9 is a clear prophecy of Jesus.

God’s people have waited a number of years to be freed from the tyranny of enemy oppressors. They wondered if the promised one would ever come. They were looking for the redemption of Israel. Now Mary sang the greatest praise because she was going to give birth to the special child redeemer that was within her womb. She was loved and chosen of God to be the bearer of the good news -that all the centuries of prophecies and waiting would result in God keeping all His promises. Now He was to reclaim the lost sinners, that they might enter a kingdom far greater than the soil of this earth. There is a kingdom that is being prepared for us all. It is the kingdom of heaven.

only did God keep His promises to Abraham and his descendants, but He keeps His promises of grace to us all who believe. It is matter of eternal worship. It is with eternity in mind that God came to this temporary world. It is when the heavens and earth meet. Worship is one thing that continues.

Mary and Elizabeth were to bear and raise children for the Almighty. They were to feed and care for these special babies. They were to love, protect, clothe, and teach them. This was a glimpse of what Mary imagined that was to take place that would be the fulfillment of God’s promises for all eternity.

Jesus is full of mercy from generation to generation. He has helped Abraham’s descendants forever and the Apostle John’s revelation in the last book portrays the promise that will be kept - He shall reign forever and ever.

There is a song “I Cannot Tell” of Mary’s praise to the Lord. The last verse goes, ““I cannot tell why He should keep His promises when we have stayed, and wander from His ways. But with forgiveness grants to us His mercy. In heaven above, we’ll give Him all our praise. For this I know my place is planned in glory to be with Him forever and a day. With angels join in the wondrous celebration to magnify our Lord in grateful praise.”