Harmony in the Home -Wives - 1 Peter 3:1
June 12, 2023, 8:07 AM

“Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives,”

Next week we will speak about husbands, but the phrase “in the same way…” should give us some thought. It refers to the things that Peter had discussed earlier. Last week we looked at the importance of jobs. He was actually talking to slaves who were now saved and instructing them to live lives yielded to the Lord.

In a similar way, back then wives were in a society without legal rights or privileges. They had no recourse where husbands could beat and misuse their wives. What do you do as a wife, in a slave-like relationship, when there is no one to turn to? You turn to the Lord and recognize higher principles in a relationship that God can use. Be like Jesus and know that God will bring good out of bad situations.

But workers today have rights and so do wives. We do not live in that same environment and economy. Many masters treated their slaves with utmost respect, just as many husbands also treated their wives with greatest of honor and love. But the principles of submission to the lordship are valid for employees in our work world today and these principles “in the same way” are a valid way to treat husbands as well as wives in our day today. Let Jesus be your model.

Christian Parenting Today magazine had an article, by Karen Harter in entitled, "I Have a Dream". In it the mother awakens to the dawn of a new day. Her house is immaculate, with the aroma of fresh coffee filling the air. She leisurely eats breakfast awaiting a romantic breakfast with her husband, What a dream!

Then she hears the yell, "Mom, Michael's wet his bed again and now he's trying to get into mine." awakens Mom from her dream. She notices that her husband is gone for the day with the laundry basket dumped onto the bedroom floor and clothes scattered all over. The kitchen a mess with cereal and spilled milk.

We chide ourselves and feel we fail miserably when what we've dreamed and what occurs are two different worlds. Too often we idealize Christian marriage where bliss and harmony exist constantly and are surprisingly disappointed when life does not work out that way.

Christ's desire for Christian marriages is harmony. One way is to seek to fulfill God's design in your role as a wife and husband, with each spouse seeking to apply Biblical principles to assure harmony.

Application: Does your marriage have a harmony? What would a Christ-centered home look like? Are there changes you think should you make?

Prayer:   Lord, help me to look to you as to how I am to walk out my faith in my marriage and all relationships.