Living Example in Service - 1 Peter 4:9,10
July 27, 2023, 8:34 AM

"Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

When we are saved, the Bible tells us we receive gifts from the Holy Spirit. Do you see here in the Scriptures how they are to be used? “In service to others.” The gifts have been given to serve others to build their faith and as a witness for God that He would receive glory and praise, not us.

If you are unsure of your gifts, begin by using your natural abilities and talents which are also God given. If you are social or shy, musical or mechanical, athletic or academic, God uses you in ways that match your make up. The gifts of leadership, helps, generosity, teaching, etc are the avenues those talents take place for service toward others. There is a special anointing by the Spirit, if God is praised and honored in it, not the person.

I recently heard a lady sing and the Lord used that song and the humble spirit of her character to speak to me. Her singing was more for the glory of the Lord than the attention of others. didn’t see anything wrong in thanking her for using her gifts for the Lord. It was my way to encourage her to keep looking up.

I watched another gospel duet on TV with all the glamour that pointed to their talent. I tried to find Jesus. I would just as soon listen to someone who loves the Lord and is willing to share in a humble spirit.

One of the best gifts to help others in service is the gift of hospitality. I believe all are to be hospitable and have times when they reach out to others and see their homes and dinner table not selfishly, but freely offering it to God and the use of others as needed.

Hospitality in that day was also means of assisting the ministers, and evangelists on their journey in spreading the good news. Also, many Christians were rejected by their unbelieving families. The church began to look out for one another in their needs.

What is your response if asked to help in the kitchen for a funeral, or pot-luck, or asked to bring a dish? Never agree to something you cannot afford or, if you have gifts in different areas, offer them. Say simply, “You know my area really isn't in serving; it is in watching kids, or teaching.”

We need to understand that our house is the Lord's house. It is for use for His kingdom. We are to show God's grace and we are to extent grace toward others.

Application: How are you seeking to serve the Lord today? How are you serving others?

Prayer: Lord, direct me in the use of the gifts. Give me the right heart attitude that all be done to Your Glory.