Mercy for Rebellion - Jonah 1:7
November 11, 2022, 9:38 AM

7. “Now the Lord provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.”

Yesterday we discussed the consequences of rebellion, that it affects not only the rebel, but others as well. Jonah admitted his sin and was thrown overboard into the sea. We see many carrying personal consequences for sin. It may result in addiction to drugs, sexual diseases, divorce, break up of family, financial loss, jail, or alcoholism. But praise God you can be released from that bondage and find Spiritual freedom, even though the effect of those months or years in rebellion often have long term effects.

To rebel against God always has consequences. There may be times when we feel we can get our way going against God’s will. The Lord allows that type of freedom, but we are not happy or satisfied in our souls.

Jonah planned to sail to Tarsish, but he ended up in the deep. Was Jonah feeling like he might as well die and offered for them to throw him overboard? God had a different plan. Jonah may have thought he was done with God, but God was not done with him.

Due to his sin Jonah knew he didn’t deserve any favor at all. God give Jonah another chance. We call this mercy. Undeserved but God tried again to bring Jonah into His graces by providing a great fish to swallow Jonah where he was inside three days and three nights. God’s mercy was to be extended, not only to the prophet, but also to the city of Nineveh. It certainly did not deserve to be saved. They were a wicked people. That can now be said about most of our cities in America. The only reason Nineveh was going to get a warning was because of God’s grace. The same can be said about our cities. We can even say that about ourselves.

It was through his disobedience that Jonah came into contact with the seamen, yet God so worked that the sailors were spared through Jonah’s testimony. They now turned to the Lord and offered their vows to the one true God.

When there is rebellion, remember it is the heart of God to save not to punish. He took punishment Himself in order for us to be made right with Him. The great fish was a means of mercy. We don’t know what kind or if it was especially created for this purpose, but even the animals of creation can be used of God for the good of mankind by God’s design and direction.

Application:  All sin is against God, but the story of mercy is, God provides a way of salvation even for Jonah. Rebellion against God is what brought Jesus Christ to the Cross. It costs something. This is a time to realize Jesus’ death and suffering was for our sin.

Prayer:  Lord, inscribe on my heart the truth of who You are and what You have done to secure my salvation.