Pride Affects our Associations - Judges 14:10,11, 14-18
September 14, 2022, 8:49 AM

This passage tells the narrative of Samson’s desire for a Philistine woman. There were 30 men to be his companions, supposedly for marriage celebration. With these associations, pride was exhibited when Samsons presented a riddle, as they loved riddles. The men threated his promised wife to coax him into revealing the answer. They came up with the right response revealing to Samson their threat against his woman. These associations were established with the enemy people out of Samson’s lust and pride.

When you place a man or a woman up on a pedestal and say this is the one and this situation is different, do not say you haven’t been warned.

There were two Christian girls who were friends of mine. They fell in love and married men who were not believers. Both told me in private years later to tell young people, When one loves Jesus Christ and their mate does not, they are missing out on the most important part of marriage and communication. There is a vast void when Christ is missing in their marriage.

There are only four possibilities that can happen. First, the Christian is affected by the non-Christian and grow cold in their faith or stop going to church. The second is worse, they give up their faith. The third thing that can happen is the unsaved spouse gives up and there is separation or divorce. There’s no unity in that marriage, each spouse realizes they will not change the other. Each follows their own belief or lack of them, which is confusing to the children so feel they have to follow one parent or the other. Fourthly, the unconverted spouse accepts the Lord and follows in the faith. We always pray for that, but it does not always happen. One spouse seeks to convert the other. The unbeliever picks up what the believer wants for them and doesn’t accept them as they are. This adds friction and strife in a relationship.

Wait for the right person designed of the Lord. He is your best match-maker.

Samson’s associations were with the wrong crowd. They continued their evil ways and influenced Samson’s wife. He soon hung with the wrong crowd. Friends influence us more than we think. Having a Christian support group is so important. Learning to say no to some choices helps us develop self-discipline whether it is with our affections or our attachments.

Maybe our pride is controlling our lives. Seeking to be popular feeds into our pride. Self-discipline and spiritual discipline means saying no to some things and some people that are not sinful in themselves, but are not for our best when they become more important than our commitment to God.

Application: We can guard our hearts from temptations and associations that do not help our walk with the Lord. We need to say no to temporary relationships or activities bound by our lusts or popularity. We will find the Spirit helping us control of our choices instead of others controlling us. The result is God-given blessings.

Prayer:  Father God, guard my heart. Strengthen me to say no to those things that lead me on a wrong path. You lead me in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. Amen