Simeon's Privilege. - Luke 2:27,28.
December 27, 2022, 8:30 AM

Simeon's Privilege

Luke 2:27-28 “ Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts. When the parents brought in the child Jesus to do for him what the custom of the Law required, Simeon took him in his arms and praised God,”

Simeon experienced years of a close walk with God that our Lord desires. There is something extremely blessed when an older person, who knows the Lord, seeks Him with all their heart to obey and love and grow in grace.

One lady was describing a newness to her faith to me even after retirement. She wrote to me, "When I said I felt closer to God what I meant is that as I am free from responsibilities now of work and family. He has been especially close to me. We spend times together throughout the day talking about everything and everyone. His word seems to come alive in a greater way than before. When he takes my memory, I think of people that I should pray for, write, or visit. So often it is just at a time when they need it. Yes, I have a newness spiritually that I have not known before, and to God be the glory."

That's the experience of Simeon. His communion with the Lord wasn't just a verse a day and a recited prayer. Now with New Testament faith we have even a greater privilege than what Simeon could experience. We have Christ in us by the Holy Spirit always.

Hard times become major growing points in our lives. Hannah Smith calls these times the Chariots of God. In “The Christians Secrets of a Happy Life", she wrote, "Whenever we mount into God's chariots the same things happen to us spiritually that happened to Elijah, yet without that translation. We shall be translated, not into heaven above us as Elijah did, but into the heaven within us and this after all is the grander translation into the inner presence of Jesus Christ."

Simeon had a relationship with God that was fulfilling and close. There was one thing on his heart that he desired- to see the Messiah. And by God's grace that promise was given to him, that he would not die until he could see with his own eyes, the one sent from God, Jesus Christ.

Notice angels gave the message to Mary, angels spoke to Zechariah, an angel spoke to Joseph and the shepherds, but no angel spoke to Simeon. It was God's own Holy Spirit that came upon him. Of the two which would you rather have, the revelation of an angel or God's Spirit?

Simeon was privileged to see the promised one of God, but not allowed to live long enough to see how God is fulfilling that Kingdom after the resurrection.

Simeon waited for the promise. Waiting is hard, particularly in an impatient society, but he trusted and believed. God was gracious in his promise to his servant.

Then let me ask, do you have in fact God's Spirit living within you? Prayer- Lord, may my life in this New Year become closer as I seek to walk and talk with you daily.