Warnings - Believer, Beware -Colossians 2:1-9
June 13, 2022, 10:00 AM

Someone might say, "What a minute, Christians believe in a man who came back from the dead.  He ascended to heaven. He claimed to be the Son of God.  He invites me to leave everything and even my family if necessary to follow Him and join a community of believers. He invites me to take up my cross. The Lord tells us not to be surprised when people make fun of us or think we are foolish.  He calls me to die so that I might live and then tells me He is coming back for me so I can join Him in paradise, the next level.” 

From a worldly perspective, that may sound as foolish as those who believe in New Age teaching or other cults.

 From the beginning of time people have been deceived from the truth. Satan did what he does best which is to lead people into lies. He takes the Word of God and the relationship that people have with Him, and distorts and confuses people into misdirect their faith to people or non-Biblical revelations. We have had members of our church visited by cult members who promise them personal attention and Bible study. With a certain amount of Bible twisting, they are very good as taking new or uninformed Christians and winning them over to their group which denies the divinity of Jesus Christ.   

The Bible even tells us in the last days there will be a multitude of deceivers who will do everything to keep people from faith in Jesus. Just because someone says they are teaching from the Bible, do not believe it. Read it in context for yourself. I have said many times, “Do not take my word for things. Check them out in the Bible for yourself.”   

 Paul warns the Colossians about deceptive authorities that misleads them from the truth of Christ.  

Believer, beware! If something seems fishy, check it out!  

 Application: Always run to the word of God to test and see if what someone has told you agrees with all of scripture.

Prayer: Lord, guard my heart. Let me not be deceived by those who seek to distort the truth of your holy word. Give me a spirit of discernment.